David Bach & Associates


Insurance Claims Assistance

Acting solely on behalf of the association, our services include:

  • Coordinating an evaluation of existing insurance policies in order to determine what coverage may be applicable to the claim
  • Coordinating joint investigative plans in order to detail and substantiate damages
  • Documentation
  • Review of insurance experts' investigation reports, scope of work, repair estimates, and determination
  • Assistance with preparation of comparative cost of repair estimates
  • Assistance in negotiating settlements with insurance companies
  • Expert witness
  • Remediation management

"In early 2007 we knew our 32 buildings were in terrible shape. We were a newly elected board and we knew we were going to have to start dealing with our problems right away. The first thing we did was interview consultants and construction managers. Bach & Associates was our unanimous choice because they were the only company that told us how they could help with everything from beginning to end. They lived up to their promises in every way: from helping us select excellent architects and engineers to recognizing that we had a potential insurance claim and then helping the law firm they recommended pursue what was ultimately a one million plus settlement.

David and his staff were with us every step of the way, whether it was helping find a bank that would be willing to grant a line of credit in a terrible economy or meeting with contractors and obtaining the best pricing possible. We had many meetings, both public & private, and David was always there to answer questions and provide a calming presence."

Board President
Eastbridge Condominium