David Bach & Associates


Construction Management

We know how hard it can be to choose a Construction Management company.  With over 14 years managing capital improvement to multi-million dollar rehabilitation projects, David Bach and Associates has a wealth of experience representing condominium and HOAs through each phase of the construction process.

We employ an "Agency" construction management delivery method. This is a fee-based service in which the construction manager is responsible exclusively to the owner and acts in the owner’s best interest at every stage of the project. By employing this method, the construction manager is not affected by conflict of interest, and is able to represent the owner in such important areas as:

  • Assistance with development of accurate cost of construction estimates that are with owner’s budget
  • Review of Architect’s plans for constructability
  • Obtaining and negotiating bids
  • Assistance in obtaining project funding
  • Optimum use of funds throughout the project
  • Scheduling
  • Control of the scope of work
  • Technology issues
  • Coordination of work
  • Assistance in avoiding delays, changes, disputes, and cost overruns
  • Verification of compliance with specifications

"It was through your expert and patient guidance that we selected an outstanding architect, engineer and construction company and began this very large and complex endeavor. Not only did you keep the project on budget, you helped to clearly explain the direction and details to the Association to help keep us focused on a positive outcome. You patiently answered very difficult questions and addressed everyone’s concerns over the course of the project. Notwithstanding your technical expertise, we could not have accomplished this giant undertaking without your personal leadership."

Board President
Greenhouse Condominium Association